The inspiration for the Natural Beauty collection

The inspiration for the Natural Beauty collection comes from the stay at home situation that we all ended up in. Feeling good is feeling comfortable and that gives you strength. But how do you feel comfortable? My biggest secret is to wrap yourself in fine, soft and luxurious layers. You can use it in your home office, on the couch, during a walk in the neighborhood or a ride through nature. The colors and prints from nature are central. In these turbulent times, we opt for timeless and sustainable and we invest in ourselves. Feel good and comfortable in your own skin.

Eco lammy

Our bestseller scarves in new colors rust and light blue are light in weight, warm and have a high stinging content. New in the collection are the oversized body warmers in this comfortable fabric, which can be worn over a jacket both indoors and outdoors.

Eco leather

Because of the many walks I came up with the idea to add a fabric to the collection that can withstand rain. A supple, soft and luxurious faux leather that is practical and stylish. We made the scarves in an extra large size so that you can put them on over your jacket like a large cover when it rains or put them on inside as an extra layer. Here, too, an important feature is that it is lightweight, so it can also be carried indoors perfectly. Also new in the collection are the waistcoats in this elegant and sturdy fabric. A waistcoat gives strength to an outfit and goes from business to cool.

Eco wool

We have chosen this comfortable and elegant cable fabric for its quality and properties. A soft boon for bare skin and perfect for anyone with a wool allergy. We have added straight scarves with a luxurious edge and elegant winter kaftans to the collection in this fabric.

Golden Flakes

We opted for a sixties print with a subtle gold flake. These scarves belong to the deluxe collection and can be worn on both sides.

Check print with sporty denim

The classic check, but this time combined with the cool denim. These scarves belong to the deluxe collection and can be worn on both sides.

Animal print

We have chosen the small leopard print combined with the cool and warm tones of light brown. A timeless classic.

Floral print

Both the Limited Edition scarves and the silk kimonos have a beautiful and artistic floral print.

More important than ever is the diversity and togetherness that connects us women.

We have created a collection consisting of evergreens and classics, because we believe in the power of them right now. For the campaign shoot we immediately knew which elements had to be central:

  • Nature
  • Selfcare
  • Diversity

More important than ever is the diversity and togetherness that connects us women. We live life together and we need each other. We organized an autumn picnic and for this we invited a mix of a number of influential women (who carry a message which Spicy Scarves supports) and we discussed a number of topics that affect us: age, shape and color. In a world where so much is already required of us people, let us treat each other and ourselves with respect and love. Beauty starts from within and radiates outwards. Feel comfortable, feel heard and supported… You are a Natural Beauty!

With great thanks and admiration for:

Claudia Kooij
Maureen Powel
Gonda van Halteren
Jolanda Quivooij
Anita Willemars
Joke Meier
Marieke Hagesteijn

Special thanks to

BF Jeans, Squalan, Blackstone Footwear, GraciArt Jewels, Studio s111 and Rebelmust.

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