Spicy & Fabulous: A Timeless Beauty

Every season I organize ‘Spicy & Fabulous’, an event where everybody can get to know the new collection while enjoying some nice drinks and bites. This time the event was all about the fall and of course A Timeless Beauty.

It’s a lot of effort

Believe it or not: we start weeks in advance with the preparations for Spicy & Fabulous. Of course there needs to be plenty of new collection, we invite other Spicy businesses and we have to think about the theme, the food and drinks and the music. Luckily the location is already set, because I can always count on my friends at Studio s111.

Spicy Friends

With Spicy & Fabulous I want to offer a complete fashion, beauty and lifestyle event for the Spicy woman (and man as well nowadays). That’s why I’m not doing it alone and invite my Spicy Friends to showcase their products. All Spicy proof of course. This time there was a beauty demo from Squalan (of which the products can also be found in my webshop), award winning Chinese tea from Ming Cha and luxurious jewelry from GraciArt. A beautiful combination for a heartwarming evening.

Drinks, bites and live music

An event is made by the atmosphere, which is often decided by the drinks, bites and music. Quickly we know what we want to do: a huge platter with delicious bites, a Spicy Pumpkin Soup, great wines and two special Gin & Tonics in fall flavours. These last were created by my communication strategist Sander from Hairtrigger, who apart from building websites and designing flyers apparently also knows a thing or two about cocktails. For the music I asked Like Amy, a brilliant singer who I met on De Pier in Scheveningen. Her rendition of Amy Winehouse is phenomenal, so she had to be there.

The new fall collection is here!

Spicy & Fabulous obviously mostly meant the launch of the new fall collection. 25 beautiful scarves amongst which 3 limited editions, ánd new at Spicy: 3 comfortable cardigans. On top of that this is the first collection with unisex scarves, so the men can add a gorgeous Spicy to their wardrobe too. Inspired by the famous people from the Swinging Sixties and Seventies the collection has gotten the name Timeless Beauty, and all are named after the singers and movie stars of that time. Among others you will find Aretha, Farrah, Marilyn and Janis.

The collection distinguishes itself with new fabrics like eco leather, lammy and bouclette, and is characterized this season by warm colors, smooth lines and detailed finishes for a preppy look. And of course, like you are used to from Spicy, they are wearable in a variety of ways and at every occasion.

Bestsellers during Spicy & Fabulous

Launching a new collection is always exciting, and loads of fun! It was a fantastic event again and I have gotten so many lovely comments. I am very thankful for everybody that was there and all the people that have helped to make this edition a success again. We have really enjoyed ourselves. The new scarves and cardigans have been received incredibly well, which obviously makes me very happy. These were the bestsellers during Spicy & Fabulous:

Every advantage has a disadvantage

I have noticed that this collection is hugely popular and of course that makes me incredibly proud. We do our utmost to produce as much as possible so that everyone can get their favourite scarf. If you haven’t ordered yet but are interested, please don’t wait too long. When the fabric is gone we won’t be able to produce more scarves unfortunately.

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