Spicy Care(s)

When I started Spicy Scarves I didn’t only want to deliver a beautiful product, but also create an honest and sincere brand. That reflects in the fabrics I select, the way we produce and which suppliers I choose to work with. On this page I explain how we ensure your amazing scarf is created with the greatest integrity.

We care about quality

Spicy Scarves distinguish themselves with unique and luxurious fabrics. To guarantee that quality I travel all over the world to select them.

From France to Morocco and from Russia to India I mix the most beautiful authentic and new fabrics to let people get acquainted with those cultures and see with my own eyes what my scarves are made of. This way I know for sure we only deliver the very best, and you know your scarf isn’t just a scarf.

We care about our planet

I care about the environment, and feel that I have a responsibility as an entrepreneur to burden this as little as possible. All Spicy Scarves are handmade, without any energy wasting machines. We produce as much as we can within the EU, and transport by road instead of by plane.

We have a ‘zero waste’ policy, which means no fabric is thrown away, and we actively investigate the possibilities for complete usage of sustainable fabrics.

Our boxes and shopping bags are made of recycled paper and the scarves are packaged in nice bags which are meant to be kept, rather than to be thrown away.

I believe in consuming less, so we give honest and sincere advice as well as deliver a high end product that is timeless and will last a lifetime.

We care about people

I carefully select our suppliers, and think it’s important they live up to the Spicy standard. In every country we speak to them about the health and safety situation in their factories and we exclusively work with companies that offer their employees honest wages and normal hours.

We ensure they have to proper government certificates and regularly visit factories and business fairs where our suppliers are present.

How to care for your Spicy

A Spicy is a unique jewel in your wardrobe, so we advice you to take good care of it. This is how you keep your scarf beautiful.

Limited Editions:
Professional drycleaning only

Scarves with fringes:
Professional drycleaning only

Other scarves, including wool:
Hand wash cold, 20℃.

Attention! With many washing machines the cold hand wash is set to 40℃ by default, manually reduce the temperature!

Ironing and storing
You can iron your Spicy, but please have a close look at the instructions of your iron first and only iron the inside of the fabric. Never iron the frills! You can keep your scarf in the special pouch that comes with it.