The inspiration of the Mystic Flower collection

It all started with a seventies picture of a woman on a rooftop in Marrakech, Morocco.
The colors of Marrakech inspired us to create a collection of dusty coral pink and sand neutrals on one side and eclectic, daring and vivid colour combinations on the other side.
A beautiful contrast mixed with our love for the seventies and voila: Mystic Flower was born.

Mystic Flower symbolizes an inexplicable beauty.
She is feminine and bold at the same time.
She loves neutrals and she loves colors.
She enjoys classic and gypsy.
She embraces diversity and honors authenticity.

Earth Tones
The 1970s fashion is all about timeless and mild earth tones, from various shades of brown and cream to khakis, gold, lemon yellow, sand hues, coral, burnt orange, dusty pink and tie and dye. Safari looks are a huge inspiration and influence for this collection.

Tone on tone
In which we use a spectrum of shades within the same hue. We mix different fabrics in the same tones to create a chique, original and powerful style.

Prints and Colors
Coming to spice up the warm earth and tone on tone shades, we inserted floral and paisley prints, which we design in house. We also inserted bright color combinations, as you can find them on the streets of Marrakech. And of course the zebra and leopard print, for a modern twist.

Romantic Crochet, Embroidery and Lace
Utterly romantic and sensual, these details are mostly characteristic of the boho-chic style of the seventies fashion. We used not only naturel colors but also natural fabrics to create this style. Small details are attached with sparkling beads which surprisingly never look too much to the eye.

We used braided rope and gold metallic thread for the finishings, for a bold yet feminine effect.

To find out more about our inspiration please go to our Pinterest page or visit our Instagram page.

We hope you will enjoy our collection as much as we did designing and making it for you,

Waheeda and team

Sjaal-Flower Zebra-Spicy Scarves-voor 00009    Sjaal-Coral Crush-Spicy Scarves-voor 00010    Sjaal-Sunny Sky -Spicy Scarves-voor 00041  Sjaal-Living Coral-Spicy Scarves-voor 00026


Sjaal-Pink Desert en Green Zebra-Spicy Scarves- sfeer 00067
Scarf Pink Desert & Green Zebra
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