“Can I only buy my Spicy Scarves online? Or can I also find Spicy Scarves in brick and mortar Store?”

Spicy Scarves is available at a growing number of retailers in Holland and Belgium. You are welcome to visit our Spicy Scarves Shop on the Pier in Scheveningen, The Hague. Check the tab : points of sales. In our webshop and brick and mortar shop, you will find our full collection.

“I have a question regarding my order, how can I reach Spicy Scarves?”

You can reach us by e-mail at info@spicyscarves.nl
r call us on +31622292040 on monday-sunday from 10-18

“I bought a Spicy Scarves via your webshop, can I return or exchange it for another shawl?”

Yes you can! Please check the tab for exchanges and returns.

“I received Spicy Scarves as a present, however I prefer another scarf. Can I exchange it?”

If it was bought in a store, you should check with the store. If it was bought from our Spicy Scarves webshop it is no problem to exchange your scarf! Please check our return policy

“I have bought a Spicy Scarves in a retail stores, can I return it directly to Spicy Scarves?”

No, you should bring the Spicy Scarves back to the store it was bought and follow the return policy of the shop.

“How should I treat my Spicy Scarves? Can I put it in the washing machine? “

The scarves with handknotted fringes may be washed by hand: use cold water and a drop of liquid soap, rinse gently with cold water and hang to dry. The scarves with short fringes can be machine washed in a delicate program. For more information about cleaning your Spicy Scarves, please check the tab: quality care.

“Can I iron my Spicy Scarves?”

As long as you follow the instructions of your iron. Most of our fabrics can be ironed, please check the hangtag on your Spicy Scarves. We advise you not to iron the fringes. More information on ironing your Spicy Scarves can be found under the tab: quality care.