The Spicy Story So Far …

I am Waheeda, an enthusiastic Amsterdam girl with a multicultural background and a love for travel. All those influences shaped me and still fascinates me. It’s the core of Spicy Scarves, and this is my story.

After years of working for major fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani, I decided in the summer of 2014 that it was time to unleash my own vision and creativity on the world. And so Spicy Scarves was born. I designed a scarf with different layers from different fabrics, and composed in such a way that it can be worn as a scarf, shawl or cape. With a huge passion I brought Spicy Scarves to the market and we grew as a company. Idealistic as I am, I wanted not to create only a beautiful product but share a message with it and doing my best of creating the best version of my company. So here’s what Spicy Scarves stands for:

Diversity and Inclusivity Spicy Scarves is for all every one. You must be able to wear a Spicy regardless of body, age, skin color, background or you name it. This is also reflected in the concept. From the early days we are working with a variety of models to represent our brand and we ask frequently our customers for advice. We don’t think in sizes but in shapes and believe that when a woman feels comfortable, she is the most beautiful. Although the collection is focused on women, we have added some unisex items to the collection. One never knows what the future holds.. 

Fabrics from all over the world – but fair. During my travels I have made good contacts with small, traditional fabric suppliers in India, Russia and Bali, but also closer to home in Italy and France. We process these unique fabrics in the scarves and clothing. The most important thing in this process is integrity. The entrepreneurs there should also be rewarded for their work and the quality they deliver. The working conditions have to be good and I always pay a fair price. We investigate into the possibilities for the full use of sustainable fabrics. Spicy is not about producing as cheaply as possible, but about delivering something special that will last a lifetime.

Durability – Corporate social responsibility is a topic in which we continuously improve to find better ways. How we produce, transport, package… I always think of people, animals and the environment. Spicy Scarves is ‘slow fashion’, which means that we do not overproduce. We can do this because we produce in our studio in Amsterdam and can therefore switch quickly. We have a ‘zero waste’ policy: nothing is thrown away. Last but not least, our packaging is made of recycled material and we only transport within Europe by truck, not by plane.

We are now 7 years later. A lot has happened. We have gone from selling on markets to a beautiful brand boutique on the Pier in Scheveningen, we have set up an amazing webshop and are now fully online and available in various fashion and lifestyle stores. We have  fantastic loyal and growing community who supports us. Spicy Scarves has grown into a lifestyle brand, with not only scarves but a complete line of accessories and fashion for the sassy, spicy and ​​confident woman. And those ideals? They have always survived the day.

Lots of love, Waheeda

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