The Spicy Story So Far …

Born in Amsterdam with a multicultural background, Waheeda Afriat embraced different cultures.
Her desire to explore, made her travel the world and enjoyed the beauty of different societies.

Her second love is fashion and after her degree in Textile Management, shewas a buyer for the Italian high end brand Giorgio Armani.

For her job she could arrive one day in the streets of Delhi, India and the next day at the showroom in Milan, Italy.
“ That immense contrast has always fascinated me, how the two different worlds can look so beautiful, both in their own way. I am in love with the ‘East meets West’ vibe. ”

Travelling mostly with hand luggage only, she came up with the idea to create an accessory, a set of scarves which could be used, inside and outside, casual and elegant. She created scarves consisting of several layers and materials to be effortless chic or casual in a minute. Inspired by her extensive travels, her love for colours and materials, and the glamour of life.
Making women’s life beautiful by spicing up their wardrobe.

After having worked closely with fashion press, stylists, specialists and celebrities, but especially with ‘real women’, she thought it was time for her free spirit.
Spicy Scarves was born and it was an instant hit, because women can identify.

“ We women have many challenges to encounter in daily life. From mornings to evenings we fulfill different roles, which we do with love and dedication. We don’t have much time to search for the things that fits in our lives. Those things should have many different elements: practical and beautiful at the same time. It should add that specific thing where we compensate on. We want to flame. “


With Love from Waheeda