I learned crochet from my grandmother when I was 12 years old. The word crochet says it all, you hook the needle around the yarn / rope and that can be done in beautiful ways. The crochet loops create a great pattern. For me it is always a thrill to let miles of yarn go through my hands. I like to work with pure yarn such as 100% acrylic, cotton or the fantastic merino wool. Every color reflects a certain feeling to me. And day by day, even hour by hour, I see the Masterpiece growing in my hands. And then when the needle is out, I become so very happy knowing that there is a warm hug waiting for you. Spicy Scarves has joined forces with the creative and inspiring Bianca. From every sold scarf from this crochet collection, we donate 5% of the proceeds to the KWF Cancer Foundation. Lots of love, Bianca and Waheeda

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